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SPARTA is the extended Sports, Arts and Activities provision of St Christopher`s School, Bahrain. SPARTA enables participants to enjoy and learn in a variety of different ways on its ever developing activities programme.

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Our Coaches

  • Sparta_coaches_003

    Simon Bourner

    I have been a Level 3 Tennis Coach for 8 years and I am very passionate about the sport. I played at a national club level and managed a Junior Tennis Programme at David Lloyd in Exeter before coming to Bahrain. I am also a keen fitness enthusiast and enjoy working as a Level 2 Fitness Instructor. I love my job, as I get to see people I coach improving all the time. I believe that anyone can do well in sport if they have a growth mindset. "Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner. So dream big and start now."

  • Marco


    I'm originally from Portugal where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from the University of Oporto and a Post-graduation in Sports Management from the University of Lisbon. I also have a level 2 football and swimming coach. In recent years and I have been working as PE teacher and sports coach always trying to inspire children to the benefits of practising regular sport ensuring them can improve and acquire new skills. My goals are to transmit core values to a transversal education and make pupils consciousness how important is to be active and fit for their future. I’m very excited to be joining the team at the Sparta Academy and contribute with my know how to improve the excellence of our coaching sessions.

  • Webber

    Daniel Webber

    I have a Degree in Sports Development, as well as a level 2 in teaching swimming. I have gained my experience working as a PE teacher in a primary school in Somerset, England. I am a very passionate, driven sports person, particularly passionate when it comes to football. I have played continuously with teams in England since I was a child and consider football my main sport. I look forward to working with SPARTA and can't wait to develop within their set up.

  • Ryan_picture

    Ryan Conway

    I am a Level 2 FA qualified football coach and have also completed my Football Youth Award Level one. I have played football for numerous clubs in the UK from a young age and look forward to passing on my knowledge. I’m also a level 2 qualified swimming teacher. I’m very passionate about developing the SPARTA program and look forward to working with them.

  • Danielle_pic_2

    Danielle Williams

    I am very passionate about dance and gymnastics, as I have been dancing from such a young age myself. I adored it that much I’ve been teaching various styles of dance for the past 4 years and have completed a National Diploma in Dance, not a day goes by I don’t enjoy what I do, working with children, building their confidence and seeing a smile on their face. I am also a Level 2 qualified swimming teacher and keen to promote gymnastics with Sparta.

  • Leon


    I have a diverse set of talents which has given me phenomenal experience in many fields. I have a Bachelor of Technology in Marketing, PGCE in Intermediate Phase teaching and a National Diploma in Sports Recreation. I have furthered my sport coaching qualification by obtaining Sharks level 1 Rugby, Bakers cricket level 1 and swimming level 2 qualifications. I have been involved in sport my entire life and being able to work with younger athletes, watch them develop into superstars is always rewarding. The coaching staff at SPARTA always go the extra mile to ensure the young athletes excel in each session. We encourage the Bahrain community to take the opportunity to allow their children to build and grow to their full sport potential with SPARTA.